The Hearst Art Collection

Visit Hearst Castle to View an Extensive Art Collection

Whenever we’re asked about the many things to do and see on the Central Coast, we like to recommend the Paso Robles Art Festival. It gives visitors and locals alike a great opportunity to meet and mingle with the many wonderful artists in our community. We also like to tell art lovers to go on one of our Hearst Castle Tours

At one point in time, William Randolph Hearst owned 25% of the world’s great artwork, which we can’t help thinking is pretty impressive. As you tour the grand La Cuesta Encantada, you’ll realize Hearst Castle is far more than just a castle—it’s a museum filled not only with the history of the Central Coast—but of the world.

Your tour will begin in the National Geographic Theatre where you’ll view the documentary, “Hearst Castel—Building the Dream,” where you’ll learn more about Hearst and his quest to build La Cuesta Encantada. Then, you’ll go on a guided tour led by a knowledgeable docent who will fill you in on important details and point out the many fabulous artifacts. 

Keep your eyes peeled for these 3 works of art:

  • The Three Graces:  A copy of the original statue sculpted by Antonio Canova (1757-1822), it depicts the three daughters of Zeus: Beauty, Charm, and Joy.
  •  The Marriage Chest: This chest dates to the late 15th- early 16th century, by an unknown artist. The painting on the chest is of Christ meeting Peter on the road to Rome.
  •  Tiffany Vase (Lamp): Created by Tiffany & Co. for the 1889 World’s Exposition in Paris, the Hearst family later purchased this vase and converted into a lamp for Hearst’s mother, Phoebe.
These are but a few of the many treasures you’ll come across on your Hearst Castle Tour. If you’re an art lover and a history buff, you’ll enjoy the mosaics, paintings, furnishings, statuary, and even gilded ceilings on display at Hearst Castle.