5 Things to Do at the California Mid-state Fair

Every year right around this time, as the mercury begins to climb, both locals and visitors start talking about the California Mid State Fair. In Paso Robles, we refer to it as “Fair Time,” and we can’t wait to walk down the midway and enjoy all the things to see and do. The Wine Wrangler offers Fair Shuttle Service so you can enjoy the fair, without having to worry about getting there.

People come from far and wide to attend the California Mid State Fair. If you’re a music lover, you’re in for a treat since there’s always a great concert to see. But there’s a lot more than just music, the Mid State Fair has so many events and sights to enjoy, that it’s almost overwhelming.

We thought we’d help you narrow down your choices, by recommending 5 fun things to do at the Mid State Fair:

·         Mutton Bustin’: You’ll have a ball cheering on children under 6 years of age as they try to ride and stay on a sheep for a full 6 seconds. Whether they can bust those muttons or not, everyone goes home with a ribbon.

·         Cattle Drive: Just about every fair has livestock on display, but we don’t know of any other fair that has a real cattle drive-especially one that goes straight through town. The cattle drive doesn’t start off at the fairgrounds, but it does weave through the downtown area. We think that the best place to watch is at the fairgrounds where the cattle come roaring through the gate.

·         Photography Exhibit: If you’ve driven along the backroads, we don’t have to tell you that the Central Coast is a beautiful and spectacular place. But we will recommend that you check out the photography exhibit so you can ‘ooh and ah’ over all the photographs that show our county in its best light.

·         The Miss California Mid State Fair Pageant: The judges will have a hard time picking a winner from this group—young, smart, talented, and beautiful, these ladies represent our county. Stop by and enjoy the show.

·         Tractor Restoration: Even if you’ve never thought twice about tractors, the Tractor Restoration exhibit is worth seeing. You’ll appreciate the hard work, attention to detail, and pride the contestants have put into restoring the ever so humble tractor.

The California Mid State Fair only comes once a year. Don’t miss your opportunity to join in on the fun. The Wine Wrangler offers Fair Shuttle Service so you can leave the driving to us.