Summer Whites

Crisp white wines are the perfect antidote to the rising mercury. Their herbaceous and citrus characteristics are just the ticket to refresh the palate and they pair perfectly with the lighter flavors of summer foods. Wondering what to drink on those hot August nights? 

Prepare for the hottest days of summer by venturing out in search of white wines. The Wine Wrangler can arrange to take you on a Private Wine Tour through Paso Robles Wine Country, or if you, like, Monterrey to the north, or even Santa Ynez or Santa Barbara to the south.

The Central Coast of California is home to over 200 wineries and with several micro-climates, there are so many varietals to try. Even if you’re a steadfast red wine drinker, we urge you to lighten up this season and give white wines a try—and if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try a rose or two, as well.

Here are a 3 of our favorite whites to try:

·         Chardonnay: Typically full-bodied and velvety, Chardonnays can have a buttery tone, and nuances of melon, coconut, and vanilla. Chardonnays pair well with fish or chicken.

·         Sauvignon Blanc: Unlike Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc tends to be herbaceous and grassy, often with undertones of green bell pepper, sour fruits, green apples, and even the tropical flavors of ripe melon or mango. Sauvignon Blanc pairs well with salads and chicken.

·         Moscato: The darling of both newbies and old timers, Moscato can have a heavily perfumed aroma, often with notes of honeysuckle, rose and orange blossoms, and peach undertones; it’s also sweet smelling and often musky. Surprisingly, Moscato can pair well with cheese.

I     In the same way that we lighten up our summer wardrobes to keep cool, hot summer weather calls for crisp summer whites that pair well with seasonal fare and are pleasing to the palate. If you’d like to venture out and find the perfect white wines for your palate, take a Private Wine Tasting Tour with The Wine Wrangler.