Celebrate Earth Day with Earth Friendly Wines

Take a Wine Tasting Tour and Taste Earth Friendly Wines

Earth Day may only come once a year on the calendar, but in Paso Robles Wine Country, many of the local wineries practice earth friendly practices year round. The Wine Wrangler offers a variety of wine tasting tours throughout Paso Robles and the surrounding wine country and can arrange a private wine tasting tour with an individually designed itinerary that will take you wine tasting at any number of wineries practicing sustainable growing practices.

If you’ve ever seen the S.I.P. Certification logo on a bottle of wine, you may have been left wondering what exactly S.I.P means and how it relates to wine. S.I.P. stands for sustainability in practice and it’s a way to let consumers know that wineries, wine makers and vineyard managers are consciously using practices that make the most of their resources, benefit the community and lessen the environmental impact.

These include, water conservation, safe pest management, energy efficiency, and the creation of wild life corridors so animals have access to food and that the biodiversity of the vineyard is maintained.

A number of wines in Paso Robles Wine Country are S.I.P. certified, including, Ancient Peaks Winery, Cass Vineyard and Winery, Castoro Cellars, Halter Ranch Vineyard, Robert Hall Winery and several others. When you visit these wineries, you can do more than just taste wine, but also learn about the practices that not only make for better wines, but a healthier planet.