Rules of Engagement: Making the Pefect Vineyard Proposal

Let The Wine Wrangler Help You Make the Perfect Proposal

 Ah, finally—the arrival of June—the month most associated with summertime romance and a time when brides all along California’s Central Coast and throughout Paso Robles Wine Country will say, “I do!” and then toast their beloved.

And, while June may well be the most popular month for vineyard weddings, it’s also the time when many a young man will take to his knee and make a proposal. So if you’re looking to win the hand of your true love, there’s not a more romantic way to so than with a little wine tasting and a private picnic spot overlooking the vineyards.

Paso Robles Wine Country has some of the most romantic picnic spots along the Central Coast and at The Wine Wrangler, we can help you arrange a private wine tasting tour, and find a beautiful and private picnic spot where you can make your proposal. Finally, we'll include a bottle of sparkling wine and strawberries to add to the celebration.

Our Wine Wrangler Private Tour includes wine tasting, sightseeing, and a chance to plan an itinerary that will give you and your true love a chance explore Paso Robles Wine Country your way, or to branch out and take your palate on a tour through the Monterrey or Sana Inez tasting rooms.

Our expert wine guides can tailor your wine tasting experience to your palate, point out historical landmarks along the way, entertain you with stories about the local area, and take a picture of the two of you. We’ll help you find a beautiful and romantic picnic spot set among the vineyards, where you can make the perfect proposal.

Contact The Wine Wrangler today to learn how we can help you enjoy the romance of Paso Robles Wine Country.