Enjoy a Winning Weekend With the Wine Wrangler

Enjoy a Blue Ribbon Weekend with The Wine Wrangler
There’s plenty to do in Paso Robles this weekend with The Wine Wrangler, whether you’re in the mood for a wine tasting tour or a quick getaway up the coast to Hearst Castle. And, of course, for the next few weeks, there’s the opportunity to enjoy a day at The California Mid State Fair where people from all over California’s Central Coast will be engaging in a little friendly competition.

The California Mid State Fair has a competition for everyone’s taste—especially when it comes to food and beverages. Here’s a few that we like and we think you’ll enjoy too:

The Annual Central Coast Wine Competition:  We probably don’t need to mention that we like wine—so much so that we built our business on taking people out on Wine Tours. It’s no wonder then that this is one of our favorite competitions and with all of the local wineries competing, we can’t wait to see which wines will win the Gold Medals.

The Home Brew Competition: Craft beer is taking the nation by storm, so it’s no wonder that the Home Brew Competition is growing in popularity. We suggest you stop by and see it with your own eyes, and then, if you’d like, we’d be more than happy to customize one of our Private Wine Tours to take you beer tasting.

The Central Coast Olive Oil Competition: Heart healthy and utterly delicious, olive oil is not only complex, but its locally produced. While the actual competition took place in May, you’ll be able to see the winners at the California Mid State Fair.

The Apple Pie Baking Competition: What’s more American—or tastier—than homemade apple pie? Stop by and enjoy the aromas of fresh apples and cinnamon, along with buttery pie crusts, then judge for yourself who made the best pie.

Whatever road you decide to venture down this weekend, let The Wine Wrangler take you there.


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