Celebrate Halloween with a Wine Wrangler Wine Tasting Tour

Treat Yourself to a Wine Wrangler Wine Tasting Tour

If you’re looking for things to do in Paso Robles Wine Country for Halloween weekend, book a wine tasting tour with The Wine Wrangler and you can enjoy a day of wine tasting and scenic views without the hassle of driving around on your own. For a more festive day, why not dress up? Here are a few suggestions for some of our favorite wine related Halloween costumes that just might earn you a few free tastings:

Sommelier: Who wouldn’t want to dress up as an ever knowledgeable sommelier? Don a black suit or tuxedo—or even a white jacket—and accessorize with a tastevin—the classic small, very shallow silver cup that winemakers traditionally wore around their necks so that they could judge the clarity and color of wine throughout the wine making process.

Boxed Wine: It’s easy enough to find an old cardboard box to wear, although you may need a little artistic help in rendering an accurate label of a well-known wine label. Slip on some tights and a tee shirt and you’re ready to go.

Bacchus: Feeling a little full of yourself these days? Why not impersonate the famous Greek god of wine. Scour the internet for images, but at the very least, count on wearing some colorful—purple?—tights and a crown.

A Corkscrew: Put your master costume making skills to the test by constructing a lifelike metal corkscrew hat out of papier-mâché or aluminum foil and then follow up with a corresponding outfit—maybe even a silver shirt.

And finally, for the best wine-themed couple’s costume—

Wine and Cheese: Shop around the internet to find the best deal on these pre-made costumes and then flip a coin to see who gets to dress as the wedge of cheese and who gets to be the bottle of wine, then take your show on the road.

Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore and if you’re a wine lover, there are plenty of costume options to match your passion. While all you really need for a great costume is a little ingenuity and imagination, going wine tasting this Halloween with The Wine Wrangler would be a real treat.