On the Road with The Wine Wrangler: Carmody McKnight Vineyards

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Wine tasting in Paso Robles Wine Country with The Wine Wrangler is always a popular event, but with the recent statement by Food and Wine Magazine that “The Central Coast is California’s next great wine destination,” you can bet that our local tasting rooms will become busier. When we’re on the road taking our guests all over Paso Robles Wine Country, one of our more popular stops is Carmody McKnight Vineyards.

Here's their story:

When touring the future site of Carmody McKnight Vineyards by helicopter, artist Gary Carmody Conway had an inkling that he’d like to have a vineyard on California’s Central Coast, but it wasn’t until the pilot momentarily lost control and crashed into the rolling green hills that Conway knew for sure. As the story goes, once Conway righted himself, he emerged from the helicopter, opened his arms wide and exclaimed, “This is it!”

Gary Carmody Conway isn’t the stereotypical vineyard owner. A talented artist with a love for the land, Conway was first entranced by the rolling green hills and the panoramic views that in one turn could include magnificent towering oaks, green valleys, and long sweeping vistas of the Pacific Ocean. But, it was the land—the mineral-rich soil with a history of volcanic activity—that meant he could plant a sustainable vineyard while maintaining its biodiversity.

It may seem a task too great for any one man, but Conway wasn’t alone in his pursuit to make the best hand-crafted, small production wines. He was joined by his wife, Marian McKnight, a former Miss America and whip-smart woman who would add olive trees and produce Tuscan-style olive oils. And then, there would be Kathleen Conway, who would grow up on the land and into a winemaker of her own right. Kathleen’s love of animals—free-range chickens and Alpacas—adds to the biodiversity of the vineyard, while her commitment to pesticide-free growing practices, furthers Carmody McKnight Vineyards’ commitment to the natural wine movement.

Among the many wonderful wines to taste are two very unique sparklers under the “K” label—the “K” Sparkling Pomegranate Cuvẻe and the new, “K” Sparkling Citron Cuvẻe—two perfect additions to the holiday table.

With The Wine Wrangler, you can enjoy touring and tasting at Carmody McKnight Vineyards--as well as the nearly 200 other wineries that make up Paso Robles Wine Country. Book your tour today, then sit back, enjoy the scenery, and taste some great wines.