Celebrate Leap Year with The Wine Wrangler

Ready for the Ride of Your Lifetime? Let The Wine Wrangler Do the Driving
It’s a Leap Year and while for many people throughout Paso Robles Wine Country February 29th will just be another work day, for some people, it will be a special day indeed. California’s Central Coast is a popular tourist destination, especially since it's home to nearly 200 wineries in Paso Robles Wine Country and many people come here to go on a wine tour. The Wine Wrangler offers a variety of tours—including a private wine tasting tour—which could work out perfectly for anyone interested in celebrating Leap Year.

Traditionally, Leap Year was known as Ladies’ Privilegethe only day out of the year when a woman could propose to a man and if he refused—he would either have to buy her 12 pairs of gloves—a pair for each month—so she could hide the embarrassment of a missing engagement ring, or, he’d have to pay a fine to her.

Those days are long gone, but for any ladies out there who would like to bring back the tradition and propose to that special someone, there’s not a more romantic way to do it than to sweep them off for a romantic—and private—day of wine tasting. Against a backdrop of beautiful spring landscapes, sweeping vistas, and floods of wildflowers—and a wide sampling of Central Coast wines—who could say no?

Even if you have no plans to pop the question just yet, February 29th is one of the most romantic days of the year to play hooky and enjoy a private getaway.

Take a Private Wine Tasting Tour with The Wine Wrangler: Your private tour guide is ready to whisk you off to the destination of your choice. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a romantic sampling of Paso Robles Wine country or you’re looking to make a champagne toast overlooking the rocky coastline of the Central Coast, we can help you plan an itinerary with a real WOW factory. We can also help you explore outside of Paso Robles Wine Country and take your palate on a tour through the Monterrey or Sana Inez tasting rooms.

The Wine Wrangler is ready to help you make all of your wishes come true with our Private Tour packages. Contact us today, and we’ll help you celebrate Leap Year in Style.