On the Road With The Wine Wrangler: Linne Calodo Winery

Wine Tasting in Paso Robles with The Wine Wrangler
Spend a day wine tasting in Paso Robles Wine Country with The Wine Wrangler and you’ll taste wine at only a handful of the nearly 200 wineries on California’s Central Coast. While most of the wineries are open daily, there are a number of wineries where wine tasting is by appointment only. With The Wine Wrangler, you can customize your wine tasting experience and visit any of the wineries that you’d like on a private tour and work with one of our wine specialists to set up the wine tasting itinerary of your dreams.

One of our favorite ‘By Appointment Only’ tasting rooms to visit is at Linne Calodo.
Linne Calodo was founded in 1988 by owners, Matt and Maureen Trevisan. Matt was a student at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo studying biochemistry, but he was also a student in the local vineyards, where he learned about winemaking from a hand’s on approach.

Paso Robles was named Wine Region of the Year in 2013 by Wine Spectator Magazine and in 2015, the magazine honored 14 Paso Robles wineries for their creativity and commitment to high quality wines. Linne Calodo was one of the wineries praised by Wine Spectator Magazine.
Linne Calodo produces 7 to 10 blends each year using a range of varietals, including Rhone and Zinfandel. The winemaking style is minimalistic and the vineyards are farmed with sustainability in mind.

Join The Wine Wrangler and enjoy wine tasting at Linne Calodo Winery and other ‘By Appointment Only’ tasting rooms in the Paso Robles Wine Region. We can work with you to customize a private tour and itinerary that will amaze your palate.