How to Enjoy Yourself More at the Paso Robles Wine Festival

Wine Festival Tips from The Wine Wrangler
When the gates open for the 34th annual Paso Robles Wine Festival, many of TheWine Wrangler regulars will attend to further their knowledge of wine and Paso Robles Wine Country. For the wine lover—or soon-to-be-wine lover—there’s no greater pleasure in wine tasting than attending a wine festival. It’s a chance to enjoy the outdoors, taste great wines—and ones you’ve yet to discover—meet people, and relax and enjoy the experience. With a few simple tips, you can enhance your wine festival experience and get the most out of the event.

Here are our tips to help you enjoy yourself more at The Paso Robles Wine Festival:

Arrive Early:  Not only will an early arrival give you a chance to beat the crowds, but it can also make for a better experience. The winery staff are fresh and ready—and they have more time to spend with you and educate you about their wines. As the day wears on, crowds grow, lines get longer, and people are usually more intoxicated, which brings us to our next tip.

Pace Yourself: Anyone who has ever been to a wine festival knows there are plenty of wines to taste, and therein lies another little secret—taste, then spit. It doesn’t seem like you’re drinking much when it’s just a little taste here and a little taste there, but all of those tastes can add up quickly.

Make a Plan: Some of the best advice we can give you is to make a plan before you even start tasting. Walk around and see which wines you really want to taste and then work your way around. You can always taste more, if your palate can handle it, and having a plan means your palate will be fresh for the wines you really want to taste.

Talk to People: Attending a wine festival gives you a chance to talk fist-hand with the winemakers, people associated with the wineries, and other wine lovers. Through the simple act of conversing with others, you’ll refine your palate, deepen your knowledge about winemaking, and enjoy meeting other people.

Drink Plenty of H2O: It’s good advice for any festival, but especially for a wine festival—stay hydrated.

After a weekend of wine tasting festivities, you may find yourself ready to explore local Paso Robles wineries in a more intimate way. The Wine Wrangler offers a variety of wine tasting tours, including private wine tasting tours and we can even help you plan your itinerary by taking you to the wineries that match your palate.