5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Paso Robles

Are you looking for the perfect vacation destination?  Whether you are planning a day trip or a weeklong trip, Paso Robles is the place to be.  Why?  Please continue reading on to find out, as five reasons why you should visit Paso Robles, California are outlined below.

1 – Local Wineries

Whether you are traveling with a group of friends or that special someone, you must stop by at least one winery when visiting Paso Robles.  The good news is all of your options.  The area is home to over 200 wineries, most of which are open to the general public.

Depending on your date of travel, you may you may be surprised at what you find.  There is so much more to visiting a Paso Robles winery than just tasting wine.  Each year, there is a wine festival, which a number of well-known wineries participate in.  Many individual wineries are known for having scheduled events, including guided tours, musical concerts, and much more.

2 – Great Activities

While it is recommended that you visit at least one Paso Robles winery, there is so much more for you to do and see.  The many activities that you have to choose from, is just one of the many reasons why Paso Robles is a popular vacation destination.

Aside from taking a wine tour, you can visit the outlying beach communities.  There, you will find an unlimited number of fun water activities, shopping, kayaking, and boating.  Another activity that comes highly rated and recommended is horseback riding along the beach or in the countryside.  For golf enthusiasts, you have numerous golf courses to choose from and for the family we have a waterpark or several zip-lining options.

3 – Nearby Attractions

Since Paso Robles is most well-known for its large selection of wineries, this is our
greatest attraction.  However, it is not all that you will find.  As previously stated, a visit ocean is recommended.  The ocean is a close 30 minutes away.

Since the area is known for its agriculture, you are encouraged to visit some of the many local farms open to the general public.  Many of these farms are organic.  In addition to picking your own fruits and vegetables, you may find scheduled events, including tours, farm shows, and much more.

4 – Overnight Accommodations

If you have yet to make your Paso Robles travel arrangements, you will want to carefully examine your staying options.  Yes, your first thought may be to book a stay at a nearby hotel, but you have so many more options.  Some Paso Robles wineries have nearby vacation rentals or onsite guest rooms available for rent.  The area is also home to multiple bed and breakfasts and RV resorts.

5 – Affordability

With Paso Robles being such a great vacation destination, you might assume that a trip to the area is costly, but it isn’t.  With so many overnight accommodation options, you can choose the one that is most affordable for you.  You can visit a few wineries free of charge.  With that said, wine tasting is usually extra, but the fee is more than affordable than other wine regions.  You can visit many of the local shops where making a purchase is optional, depending on your vacation budget.

The above-mentioned reasons are just five reasons why you should plan a visit to Paso Robles, California.  Once you arrive, you will know why it is often considered a hidden treasure.