Top 5 Things to Know About The Wine Wrangler:

  1. It's Run by Locals: The Wine Wrangler Paso Robles has been in business since August of 2004. It was created by a couple who had spent a decade living in the area and wanted to share their knowledge of the region's wineries. The company has grown since its inception, but it has managed to keep its mom-and-pop charm intact. The drivers and guides are friendly and knowledgeable and can often craft an itinerary based solely on wants and interests.
  2. A Variety of Tours Are Offered: No matter how much time you have, Paso Robles Wine Wrangler has a tour for you! It offers full-day tours and half-day tours, with the choice of wineries alternating based where you, the customer wants to go. Private tours are also offered, including multi-day Paso Robles wine country tours! Longer tours also feature picnic lunches, which means that you won't have to worry about having to find cheese to pair with your wine, but they can do that do!
  3. The Wine Wrangler Is the Paso Robles Wine Club: That's right, the same folks behind the definitive Paso Robles wine country tour are also the masterminds of the region's official wine club. The couple started this a couple years after the tour company as a way to bring the wines to the people if they couldn't take the people to the wines...very smart!
  4. It Tours Hearst Castle: While wineries are the thing to do in Paso Robles, Hearst Castle is also one of SLO's top attractions. The tour starts at the Piedras Blancas Rookery where the elephant seals are abundant. Guests then make their way over to the magnificent Hearst Castle, touring the castle with a guide at first before eventually becoming free to stroll the grounds. A deli lunch is provided, and if time permits the tour makes a stop at a local winery or in the town of Cambria for some shopping.
  5. You Provide the Game Plan: The guides of the Wine Wrangler are more than able to provide you with a game plan, but they'll also be more than happy to tailor the day to what you want to do. Do you like a certain vintage and want to dine at a certain type of restaurant? Are you a big fan of art? Just tell your guide and he will be more than happy to draw up a plan that meets your every want and desire.
Why We Go: When it comes to Paso Robles wine country tours, Wine Wrangler is among the best in the business. It has been serving customers for nearly 13 years and is extremely knowledgeable of the Paso Robles wine region. Its friendly staff are willing to reshape the day's itinerary to ensure that you get the most out of your tour.
  • Pickup and Drop Off Service: Wine tasting is supposed to be fun and relaxing, but it can be dangerous without a designated driver. The Wine Wrangler knows this, which is why they will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel. This ensures that you'll be able to taste all day long without having to worry about driving anywhere. Pickup and drop off may not be available in all areas, so be sure to ask beforehand when making your reservation.
  • The Local Flavor: The Wine Wrangler is a local tour company through and through. It was founded in Paso Robles and its staff is made up of people from the San Luis Obispo region. Rest assured that this isn't a branch of a large tour company. Chances are you'll be surprised at just how much your guide knows about all the wineries and local history. Just try and stump them with a question!
  • There's a Ton of Options: In addition to its wine tours, the company also offers private tours and tours of Hearst Castle. Those who don't want to spend a full or half day visiting wineries join the by the Paso Robles Wine Club and sample some of the area's most delicious wines in the comfort of your own home - at a discounted price, I might add. 
The Inside Scoop: The Wine Wrangler offers unique insight into Paso Robles Wine Country. The company makes tourists feel like locals and may be able to teach even a longtime resident of the region a thing or two regarding the area's wineries. The tours are a great way to meet fellow wine lovers and explore the beautiful countryside.
Do's and Don'ts:
  • Do Bring Boots Made for Walkin': Make sure you dress lightly and pack some comfortable shoes before you go on a Wine Wrangler tour. The full-day tours hit four wineries and the half-day tours hit three. While you won't be walking between the wineries you will be walking once you get to them. Make sure you dress comfortably!
  • Do Ask About Lunch: Yes, some tours include lunch but others don't. Be safe rather than sorry and ask if your tour includes a meal. If not, then you might want to consider bringing along something to snack on as even the shortest tours stretch run a few hours long.
  • Don't Worry About Feeling Rushed: The guides are experts at time management and know exactly how to pace a group. This means that you won't have to worry about watching your watch or fret about being shuttled off to the next winery in the interest of making time. 

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