3 Reasons to Visit Paso Robles

Are you looking to travel to Paso Robles, California? If so, it was likely the local wineries that drew you in. The area is home to some of the best wineries in the State of California. Although you can visit the Paso Robles wineries any time of the year, there are a number of benefits to attending a scheduled wine event.

Here are 3 Reasons to visit Paso Robles during a Festival:

Vintage Paso - Zinfandel Festival

Coming up this weekend, the Zinfandel Festival kicks off the season for Paso Robles wine enthusiasts.  There is a seminar and tasting downtown but really all the action is out at the wineries. There are numerous winemaker dinners, winery concerts, games, and great wines.  Each winery usually has something to offer whether its a band and bbq or cheese and chocolate pairing.

Also, Tobin James Winery always kicks off the season with their Zinfest party.  This is not a party to be missed. If it's not on your bucket list, it should be.  Contact them directly for tickets. Many wineries will still have availability last minute, so give them a call.

The Paso Robles Wine Festival

In the third weekend of May, you will find the Paso Robles Wine Festival. If there was ever a time to visit the area, this is it. Well over 100 wineries participate in this weekend event. About 70 wineries will be pouring their wines in the downtown city park.

If your planning on heading out the wineries, many will ask for payment at the door. This payment usually includes most of the events and food at that particular winery.  You should call around and find out what each one has to offer and make your decision to stop at one or two to enjoy. Many wineries offer guided tours of their facilities. Any other time of the year, these wine tours would only be available by appointment.

Harvest Wine Weekend

The third weekend of October, the wineries in Paso Robles come alive. Why? Because it is harvest time. This is when the production of the fine wines you love begins. Regardless of when you visit a local winery that is open to the public, you can enjoy an afternoon of wine tasting. However, come Harvest Wine Weekend, there is so much for you to do and see. In fact, there are many special events planned that are saved for this weekend only.

Usually around 90 activities are scheduled at more than 100 wineries. Like Zinfest, each winery will host is own special events, but you will be pleased with what you find. You can enjoy a grape stomping session, take a tour through the ripe vineyards, take a cooking class where wine is the main ingredient, and do so much more.

If you have the freedom to choose your travel dates, opt for the third weekend in October and come experience Harvest Wine Weekend for yourself.

The above mentioned events are just a few of the many that you will find available throughout the year. These events were selected to due the large winery participation. During just about any week of the year, individual wineries host a wide array of events, including local bands.

Remember, any time of the year is the perfect time to visit Paso Robles, California and please remember to hire a guide at The Wine Wrangler for optimum entertainment and local information.

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