On the Road with the Wine Wrangler: Villicana Winery

Tasting at Villicana Winery

If you find yourself in California's central coast region, take the time to visit one of the hundreds of wineries located here.  In California, the Paso Robles Wine Region is quickly joining the ranks of elite wine regions in the world, giving the famed Napa Valley a run for its money.  Paso Robles is drawing wine enthusiasts from around the globe to check out the wonderful wineries making their mark here.

When planning your trip to Paso Robles, set aside a day for Wine Tasting with The Wine Wrangler!  We coordinate your winery experience, taking care of all the details and getting you from point A to B.  Our drivers take you from one winery to the next, letting you relax and soak up the incredible landscapes and experiences at each winery we visit. 

One stand out winery we love to visit is the Villicana Winery.  Alex and Monica Villicana purchased the property in 1995, laid the foundation for their winery and dream, and continue to tend to the 13 acre vineyard.  They personally planted their crop and farm it with low yields in mind, harvesting concentrated fruit that produces incredible wines.  Because of their involvement throughout the entire process, they are able to handcraft and create each vintage, resulting in superior wines in a class of their own.

In 2002, the Villicana Winery opened the doors to their Westside Paso Robles tasting room, welcoming fans and visitors to experience their wine first hand.  Enjoy the Villicana handcrafted wines in a rustic tasting room at the heart of the working winery.  While savoring the impressive selection of wines offered, you also get to experience the day to day happenings that collaborate and result in the wine you're drinking.  To add to the one of a kind experience that Villicana Winery is known for, Alex and Monica are usually working behind the bar, taking time to answer questions and personally sharing their story. 

The Villicana's are the first producer for spirits in the area as well, so if you also have a love of vodka, gin, and limoncello you are in for a definite treat!

Wine Tasting with The Wine Wrangler takes you to the best wineries found in the Paso Robles Wine Region.  Your experience can be tailored to your palate and to what you want to see on your visit.  Our drivers enrich the winery experience with their vast knowledge of wines and the history of Paso Robles. 

With The Wine Wrangler, you can visit wineries throughout the Paso Robles Wine Region and beyond. We can even customize a private tour to take you to the wineries that you want to visit.