On the Road with the Wine Wrangler: Epoch Estates

Wine Tasting at Epoch Estates

When settlers discovered California's central coast, they immediately knew this was a place worth settling in.  Paso Robles, at the heart of the central coast, is known for its beautiful vineyards and the impeccable wines crafted here.  The first vineyards were planted in the late 18th century and the tradition of creating award winning wines continues.

The region currently boasts close to 200 wineries, rivaling Napa Valley in its production of wines, and quickly growing into the place to be for wine enthusiasts.  When you get ready to come visit Paso Robles' wineries, make sure you come Wine Tasting with The Wine Wrangler.  As we chauffeur you around to the different wineries, you'll get a glimpse into what life is like in wine country.

Epoch Estates is one of the best examples of the "from dream to reality" wineries.  Founded by Bill and Liz Armstrong, the winery was born of their love for wine and the desire to join the talented crafters who produce it.  As geologists, they have a unique view of the earth and just the right conditions needed for high quality wine production.  With this knowledge, they searched and found the perfect place to set up shop in Paso Robles.

Epoch Estates now boasts two vineyards as well as the historic York Mountain Winery, founded in 1882.  Epoch works to bring back the York Mountain vineyard while preserving the unique history of the place.  Their beautifully designed tasting room embodies the rustic feel of the country side, providing the ideal location for wine tasting.

While their story, location, and history are appealing, the wines that are crafted by Epoch Estates are the star of the show!  The Epoch family of wines are used to earning accolades by the toughest critics in the business.  They have won awards for both red and white wines of various vintages.  One notable achievement was the International Wine Report's #1 Wine of the Year won in 2013 for AuthenticityAuthenticity boasts fruit and floral notes, with a complex blend of flavors that will continue to deepen as they age.  This wine should definitely be added to the list to try when visiting Epoch Estates! 

When you come Wine Tasting with The Wine Wrangler, be ready for the royal treatment!  We can choose those wineries that will best match your palate, that are models of sustainable farming, or match any other criteria you wish to find in a winery.  Visit wineries throughout the Paso Robles Wine Region and beyond!