On the Road with the Wine Wrangler: Treana

Wine Tasting at Treana Winery

In Paso Robles, California, over 40,000 acres of land are devoted to vineyards.  That's a lot of crop, and a lot of wine!  Located just minutes from the ocean on California's central coast, the Paso Robles Wine Region is home to nearly 200 wineries.  You could spend a lifetime touring these wineries and vineyards, and sampling the premium wines that are produced here. 

Luckily, Wine Tasting with The Wine Wrangler makes visiting the best wineries in the region an adventure!  We love wine as much as you do and our drivers are ready to take you to the best wines Paso Robles has to offer.  We'll share our knowledge of the area and its history while taking you to the next tasting room.  Come learn about the Paso Robles Wine Region, take in the incredible views, and taste one of a kind wines!

Treana, by the Hope Family Winery, is a family of wines that embody what Paso Robles is all about.  Crafted from vineyards they farm, as well as grapes sourced from other unique Californian vineyards, Treana wines are crafted to meet the highest levels of quality.  The 2014 Treana Red was scored 93 points by Tasting Panel Magazine, while the 2014 Treana Blanc scored an almost equal 91 points from Wine Enthusiast.  Whether red or white wines are your passion, Treana expertly crafts them both.

The tasting cellar invites you in to pass the afternoon with an eclectic collaboration of people and decor.  The proprietors are on hand to answer your questions and make sure your visit is memorable.  If you feel like taking a stroll through the vineyards, do it!  Come and see what makes Treana wines special from the crops in the fields, to the finished product in your glass.

The Wine Wrangler invites you to join us in Paso Robles Wine Country for a truly remarkable day spent among the growing vineyards and the people who craft their wines.  We offer customized tours to ensure you get to the wineries you want to see most, and can craft a tour to match your palate or interests.  With The Wine Wrangler, you'll get a truly memorable, one of a kind winery experiences in Paso Robles.