On the Road with the Wine Wrangler: Clautiere Vineyard

Tasting Room at Clautiere

The Paso Robles Wine Region has been a well kept secret for years.  Fortunately for us, the secrets out, and the wine is flowing!  40,000 acres of land in the area are vineyards, with some acres dating back over 200 years.  The area is perfectly suited for growing grapes of all varieties, resulting in the production of every wine imaginable.  Paso Robles wineries are highly acclaimed and their wines are just waiting for you to taste them!

To help you navigate the best of the best, Wine Tasting with The Wine Wrangler makes wine tasting in Paso Robles an adventure.  Our team is well versed in the history of the area and in the wines produced here.  We are ready to chauffeur you to the best wineries to be found in Paso Robles!  The views, the climate, the people, all come together to make this a place you'll want to come back to, time and time again.

Since 1999, Claudine Blackwell and Terry Brady have worked to turn Clautiere Vineyard into what it is today.  Some wineries can seem stuffy and a bit unwelcoming, but not Clautiere!  The couple has turned the vineyard's farmhouse into a tasting room that feeds all your senses.  Not only do you get to taste the beautifully crafted Clautiere wines, but you also get to enjoy an atmosphere full of energy, laughter, and passion.  Clautiere specializes in premium Bordeaux, Rhone, and Port style wines, but any wine produced here is worth a taste!

In addition to crafting exquisite wines and offering unparalleled hospitality, Clautiere is known for the extras.  Upon arriving, you'll notice a 230 foot fence welcoming you to the vineyard.  The fence was designed and crafted by owner Claudine, who's talents extend far beyond the winery!  The sculptures and mosaics on site were also done by Claudine, giving the entire estate a whimsical feel.  From tasting room to vineyards, gardens, and great food and wines, an entire day could easily be spent at Clautiere!

TheWine Wrangler invites you to join us in Paso Robles Wine Country for an unbeatable day spent among the growing vineyards and the people who have made crafting wine their life.  We offer customized tours to ensure you get to the wineries you want to see most, and can plan a schedule to match your palate or interests.