On the Road with The Wine Wrangler: Brecon Estates

Tasting at Brecon Estates

If you drive south of San Francisco, before you hit Los Angeles, California, you'll find yourself in wine country.  No, not Napa Valley, but the equally breathtaking and satisfying Paso Robles Wine Region.  Since the 18th century, grapes have been grown here to make some of the best wines to come out of the west.  With a rich history and incredible wineries, Paso Robles should be at the top of any wine enthusiast's list!

When you finally get the chance to visit Paso Robles, make sure to schedule a day for Wine Tasting with The Wine Wrangler.  We have the greatest job in the world, taking visitors like you to the best wineries in the region!  Our team is made up of wine enthusiasts who love sharing what they know, and learning something new!  With a Wine Wrangler as your guide, you'll get to try delicious wines, take in the beauty of the area, and spend a day relaxing in the best way possible.

A winery we often add to our itinerary is Brecon Estates.  Owned by Damian Grindley, Brecon's wines are some of the best the region has to offer.  Before purchasing this Paso Robles winery, Damian crafted wines throughout the world, producing some of the highest acclaimed wines on three continents.  As the master winemaker at Brecon Estates, he continues this award winning tradition with each harvest. 

What really sets Brecon Estates apart from other wineries is their small batch approach.  The vineyards are some of the oldest in the area, and Brecon engages in sustainable farming practices.  All wines crafted by Damian are sold exclusively through their tasting room.  Their wines are known for classic taste as well as mastering unusual blends, giving you something new to experience.  By visiting Brecon Estates, you truly get the opportunity to taste wines that live in the moment.  Once a wine has completed sold, it's gone.  If you love something you taste, you'd better buy a bottle or two!   

With The Wine Wrangler, you can visit wineries throughout the Paso Robles Wine Region and beyond. We can even customize a private tour to take you to the wineries that you want to visit.  We can draw up a plan that focuses on your palate, on the types or wineries you want to see, or by those who practice sustainable farming.  Whatever you want to get out of your Paso Robles experience, we're here to make it happen!