On the Road with the Wine Wrangler: Dubost Ranch

Dubost Ranch

Since the 18th century, grapes have been grown in California's central coast region and Paso Robles.  When you visit, you'll find that Paso Robles boasts some of the best wines to come out of the west.  With a rich history and incredible wineries, Paso Robles should be at the top of any wine enthusiast's list!  To make a great visit even better, schedule a day for Wine Tasting with The Wine Wrangler.  Our team is made up of wine enthusiasts who love sharing what they know, and helping you discover the best we have to offer. 

Dubost Ranch is a true stand out in the area.  The vineyards are located on land the Dubost family has owned and worked for five generations.  Their tradition continues to this day and the winery remains a family affair.  With an abundance of love and respect for the land they call home, the winery practices sustainable farming and is a model of best practices in the industry.  In addition to a wide range of delicious wines, the family also grows and produces premium olive oil.  The beautiful vineyards and welcoming Dubost family make this winery the perfect place to visit.        

With The Wine Wrangler, your Paso Robles Wine Region trip becomes truly unforgettable.  We can take you to our favorite wineries, or can customize a trip for the places you know you can't miss. Whatever you want to get out of your Paso Robles experience, we're here to make it happen!