The Classy way to Visit Tasting Rooms

Paso Robles Wine Tasting Rooms

Wine Wrangler offers an incredible and unmatched access to wineries all across Paso Robles. With such an incredible 'in', you find excellent options for blissful afternoons spent tasting. So, what if you are just getting into the whole wine experience, where do you start? 

Tasting rooms come with their own pros and cons. Wines might be a little more expensive here than on retail shelves, only because supermarket chains can afford to buy in bulk. They, in addition, might be a small-batch winery with limited bottles made each vintage. There's no way around this one except joining the wineries wine club and keeping an eye out for great deals. 

Use tasting rooms to browse, find what you like or examine something out of your comfort zone. You might have overheard someone say they don't like Merlot (Sideways), probably because they tasted one and it fell short of expectation. Not the way to tour wineries. Wine is a game of contrasts and art both stylistically and geographically. 

Every single vineyard has a unique twist they use on their wines-even if it says 'methode tradicionelle'. The Paso Robles is a fantastic example of inexhaustible terroir and boutique technique. You might find an Old World grown Pinot crafted to present the fruit of fresh New World wine. Why miss out on that?

Ladies, lipstick and perfume are a no-no. You look magnificent without it anyway 😉. A little deodorant and an odorless chap-stick will sustain you for the day. It would be a shame to have your Chanel No5 overpower the Cabernet Franc!

Do not ask for 'the good stuff'. At least not in that way. Remember tasting rooms are the winery's way of showcasing their brands. They are optimistic you will fall in love with their art and take some home with you. Each wine is carefully selected. Bringing out the Reserve or Premium selection ranges is at a substantial cost to them. Expect a little more nudging to buy should they give in.

Try to suppress the know-it-all. Ever been to a tasting where one person hogs up the sommelier with what sounds like made up gibberish? You don't want to be that person, no one likes that guy. Appreciation and questions are always welcome, that is why we are in this business. Passion. Understand that there might be people tasting with you with less experience and exposure. Perhaps strike up a conversation with them and taste together.

Tip. Some wineries may not accept, others do. Either way, it makes you look appreciative of the tasting room attendant and their diligent work.

If you have a number of wineries to visit, you might consider spitting and dumping. Don't be shy about it. Certainly no one from the winery will think you're being rude. It is typical in the industry for sommeliers to spit and dump while assessing a number of wines at once. Otherwise, a good buzz on a sunny summer afternoon with friends is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Ready to taste the wines of Paso Robles Wine Country? Book a wine tasting tour with The Wine Wrangler today and we’ll take you there, so you can enjoy sampling these wines for yourself while wandering around the historic property and taking in the scenic views.