On the Road with the Wine Wrangler: Larry Gomez's Via Vega

Tasting at Via Vega Vineyard

Larry Gomez loves his family, his dogs and his wines (probably in that order). He possesses an affectionate heart enough to care for his many vineyard dogs as well as donating some of this earned money to ZOO to YOU; a shelter for abandoned, stray or disabled animals right across the street from Via Vega. You might want to hug him when you meet him.
For Larry winemaking isn't recent. He started out as a teenager helping out at this uncle's vineyard in Napa. He and his brother Rick would do it all, drawn by the sheer tranquility of cultivating the land.A productive way to while your time as a teenager.
A productive way to whittle away your time as a teenager. The rising popularity of Cabernet Sauvignon saw Tony sell the vineyard, inspiring Larry to go back to school and become a winemaker.
He started with Brandy, then as assistant winemaker at Monterey's Lockwood vineyard. Moving to J.Lohr Winery in Paso Robles in '98 would put him within a mile of his destiny. He bought the plot that is now Via Vega, a 20-acre allotment a mile from J.Lohr, and begun working at planting eleven varietal blocks.
Six vintages; four at J.Lohr and two at Wild Horse would keep him busy till 2002, when he was finally prepared to harvest his fruit.
Larry Gomez has it all, from Rhone Varietals to Cabernet Sauvignon and more. He has selected varietals that will keep him entertained, waking up each day energized to go out into the vineyard.Here's a little clip of him sharing his passion for wine https://vimeo.com/23892003
With the Wine Wrangler, swing by in October/November for the annual Day of the Dead celebrations “Día del los Muertos”. The annual Port pairing where he opens special Ports made from estate grown Portuguese varietals. Larry and his lovely wife April will be happy to receive you.
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