On the Road with The Wine Wrangler: Derby Wine Estates

Derbyshire Vineyard
Paso Robles is never short of forward thinking, risk taking wine makers. The Derby wine estates are a remarkable example of just that. In a bold, pioneering move, Pam and Ray Derby have done the unthinkable: planted a vineyard right by the ocean! In his own words Ray Derby describes this jaw dropping venture as "either pioneering or maybe just dumb."
Of course the Paso Robles Wine Club wouldn't submit it to your attention if it was anything of the latter. 'Dumb' is not the word to describe wines from the San Simeon vineyards overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This modest pioneer has shown us all what a little pluck and daring can do.
52 acres of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris are grown in what can only be loosely described as 'the wild'.The Zebra trodden hills make for a marvel of a tour and a thrilling challenge to the winemaker to produce complex and expressive Burgundy styled wines. Almost like placing a conch to your ear, you can taste the sea in their wines.
The family run Derby estates are a collection of three vineyards in prime locations of the Paso Robles.Laura's Vineyard; East Paso, is the oldest with a vine growing pedigree of over three decades. Not even Phylloxera in the mid 90s could stop 'her' from growing exceptional Bordeaux varieties.
The other two are previously mentioned San Simeon (Derbyshire vineyard) by the sea and Derby Vineyard in West Paso Robles (the Templeton Gap). Expertly matching terroir to grape, Pam and Ray Derby produce fantastic wines in the Derby vineyard from Rhone, Bordeaux and Spanish varietals.
The estates boast over fifteen wines; ten red and five white Rhone style blends. Making sure that each grape produces wines that not only show their essence but reflect the Paso Robles trifecta (sun, soil and sea).