On the road with the Wine Wrangler;Lone Madrone

Lone Madrone Tasting Room

Winemaker Neil Collins, strongly-and rightly believes that to produce rare wines, one must start with exceptional grapes. Exercising meticulous care to plot and mould his vineyard from 1996, with the help of his sister, Jackie Meisinger, what they have accomplished is nothing short of remarkable. The Lone Madrone started with a vision to make wines that showed the "incomparable terroir of west Paso Robles". In the twelve years that followed, they have done just that and a whole lot more.

His wines are made from grapes either sourced from carefully selected vineyards or their own. He steadfastly believes in letting the outrageous soils and his unique style that includes fermenting with native yeasts and malolactic bacteria lead the way. All Lone Madrone wines are then carefully watched over as they age in neutral oak barrels.

The winery is perched on a hill flanked by mountains and the west side sea. Limestone rich soils offer good drainage for the head trained vines. You can experience his touch on the rare limited release single varietal wines and appreciate the wisdom he has gained from years spent tasting and blending.

Each wine, like the Lone Madrone Grenache 2016 (we put in our Wine Club) is carefully balanced with good structure and not shy about its elegance. Here, in the Californian sun, Italian, Bordeaux and Rhône varietals have found a new home. Expertly trained in the vineyard in traditional European methods to show off a craft that Neil took 21 years to learn.

Trained as a French chef in Bristol, he has worked for vineyards owned by Château Beaucastel in Chateauneuf-du-pape, France and Paso Robles (Tablas Creek). He cut his teeth as a winemaker at the Wild Horse Winery before moving to Adeliada.

Your tour with the WineWrangler will see you sample his wine creations and quite surprisingly, Cider. Enjoy on-the-tap Black Beard, Green Fairy and Brigstock lead by knowledgeable staff.