Top 5 Wineries in Paso Robles To Find Your Happy Place

Tasting in the Vineyard

Paso Robles is halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, but has nothing to do with the cosmopolitan climate of these metropolis. In the last twenty years, the number of wineries in the region increased from about 50 to over 300, making it the fastest growing wine region in the US, but despite its rapid evolution, it also possesses a unique spirit of freedom, of indomitable beauty that inevitably ends up showing in their wines. Come and meet some of the emerging stars of this region with Paso Robles's first wine tour company -- The Wine Wrangler Tours.

Here's The 5 Happiest Wineries in Paso Robles: (in no particular order)

#1 Tobin James Cellars
Tobin James Cellars is located 8 miles east of Paso Robles. Here, it's not only the scenery that is magnificent: the spacious tasting room, with motifs alluding to the old west, may help to provide a relaxing experience, but it's the wine that really stands out: big, deep, fruit driven, while still retaining the structure to age. While the winery is perhaps best known for their Zinfandel, there are many other that certainly don't lag behind.

#2 Doce Robles
Built on an impressive setting, Doce Robles is another great winery to visit. Founded in 1996, with a tasting room open since 1997, it is the first Paso Robles west side winery. Obviously, their wines have been long standing out from the crowd, with vibrant structure, soft yet lively fruit, and balanced tannins.

#3 Rotta
Despite the omnipresent modernity, Rotta is one of the oldest wineries of Paso Robles, with a winemaking history that can be traced back to 1908! Along with the wines, among which great zinfandel and curious dessert wines may stand out, their small, cozy tasting room is a mandatory place to visit.

#4 J. Lohr
Another pioneer, Jerry Lohr was one of the first to seriously address wine production in the Paso Robles area by starting to plant cabernet Sauvignon, among other red varieties, back in 1986. The production facility was opened in 1988 and nowadays produces some of the region's most distinct wines. The J. Lohr Paso Robles Wine Center is 3 miles north and 3 miles east from Paso Robles, with a tasting room that, set right next to the vineyards, is simple, but more than welcoming.

#5 Ancient Peaks
History tells that grapes were first grown at Santa Margarita Ranch by Franciscan missionaries, in 1780. Nowadays, along with great wines, resulting not only from the care taken in the cellar, but also from exceptional natural conditions, such as the vast array of soils that cross the property, Ancient Peaks is a key reference in Paso Robles's wine scene, offering many possible experiences, wine tasting being only one of them.

Our opinion is that nothing replaces the full experience of trying this wines in their original terroir. However, for those lacking the time or availability to know these wineries first hand in the company of Wine WranglerTours, there's always the option to get some of them shipped directly home through our Paso Robles Wine Club.😉