What Makes the BEST Wine Tasting Tour in Paso Robles

Best Wine Tour Wine Wrangler
Best Wine Tour

There really isn't just one thing that makes the best wine tour company.  There are many things all put together and even then, it takes time to be the best.  Our guests enjoy our tours so much, they return year after year. 

Here are the TOP 5 things that make for the BEST wine tour:

1) Reputation
The Wine Wrangler has been in business since August of 2004. While it's still pretty mom & pop, their reputation in the industry has kept them right on top as the best wine tour in the business.  

2) Relationships in the Industry
The Wine Wrangler was founded in August of 2004.  Over the years, the company as well as all their employees have created strong relations in the community. These relationships are with wine makers, tasting room attendants, local shops and businesses, hoteliers, and even cellar rats. It is still a small town, so word gets around.
3) You go where you want to go
One of the things that makes us so unique and we feel has set us apart from other tours is, we take suggestions for wineries, types or styles of wines from our guests beforehand.  We really try to match them with the wineries or types of wines we think they may like.  This has lead to a win win win for everyone.  The wineries get customers that love their wine, the guests are happy because we have met or exceeded their requests, and the guides show pleasure in helping guests find what they were looking for. 

4) Variety
We offer a variety of tours to suit just about anyone's taste. We have Full Day Wine Tours, 1/2 Day Wine tours (morning or afternoon), Private tours up to 12 guests, and we even do a tour of the coast line visiting the ever popular Hearst Castle.  Private tours can be customized to tour wineries, breweries, Hearst Castle, or local farms. The possibilities are endless. We even have Spirits available.  For those who can't visit but enjoy Paso Robles Wine, the Wine Wrangler also founded The Paso Robles Wine Club where it ships out wines three times per year. 

5) The Tour Guide
Last but not least, it's our tour guides. They really make Wine Wrangler as special as ever. The drivers and guides are friendly and knowledgeable and can often craft an itinerary based solely on wants and interests.

So, if you are in search of the BEST wine tour in Paso Robles Wine Country, look no further than The Wine Wrangler.  We hope you give us a call and become one of our tour guests that returns year after year.