What to Wear Wine Tasting in Paso Robles Wine Country

wine tasting clothes
Casual wear for wine tasting in Paso Robles

Paso Robles has one of the largest temperature swings (day to night) of any wine region in the world.   

Paso Robles is a casual region, suits and high heels are left at home.  Be comfortable when traveling and tasting.   Dinner in downtown is also generally casual and comfortable, coats and ties are not often seen in town.

Paso Robles sits in the Salinas Valley and is protected from the most common storm paths by the Santa Lucia Mountain Range. We see weather which is difficult to predict and rain is usually fleeting. Check the forecast beforehand and if it says rain… an umbrella would be suggested.

1) Late Spring and Early Fall - Temperatures range from 85 during the day and 47 overnight. 

Temperatures are summer like during this time period.  Light layers are best to wear during these seasons

2) Early Spring and Late Fall - Temperatures range from 68 during the day and 38 overnight. 

Cool early mornings to comfortable afternoons in the 60's - 70's.  Short to Long sleeves and light jackets or windbreakers for afternoon and evenings. 

3) Summer - Temperatures range from the 50’s overnight to the 100’s during the day.

Light layers suggested, at some wineries you may be sitting out on the patio enjoying a glass and the sun.  At others, walking through a subterranean cavern for a barrel tasting where the temperature will be a cool 64 degrees.  

4) Winter – Temperatures will range from the High Teens to near 70 degrees (night to day) with average yearly rainfall downtown is approximately 12.5 in.

Heavier layers are prescribed here.  Certainly a sweater if not a coat for morning, with a transition to possibly a comfortable long sleeve T-shirt  near the end of the tasting day.  During winter, the subterranean cavern may seem warm compared to the elements outside.  Conversely, a warm winter day may be perfect for sitting on the patio taking in some Vitamin D and enjoying a fantastic Paso Blend!