3 Wine Tours From Paso Robles

paso robles wine tours
Wine Wrangler has 3 types of wine tours to offer

There are really three types of wine tours you can take from Paso Robles. The best wine tours are those that give you options and cater to your interests.    

3 Wine Tours from Paso Robles:

Half day wine tours are exactly as the name sounds.  They were built with the fact that maybe you would like an overview of the area.  Ask a professional guide questions prior to venturing out on your own or maybe you are just traveling through and you don't have a lot of time. Well, half day wine tours are the perfect answer.  Most half day tours last approximately 3 hours. Just enough time to visit three wineries, get a taste of what's out there, get your bearing on the area and what's available.  Plus you have three hours to get as much information out of a tour guide as  you can.  So, ask lots of questions! 

Full day tours usually venture out a bit further into wine country and provide a nice vineyard picnic lunch.  Lunch is often provided in one of the vineyards so you can enjoy scenic views of wine country.  You can't beat enjoying a beautiful day with a gorgeous vineyard view enjoying lunch by a local.  Full Day tours are usually for those who have a bit more time in Wine Country. Commonly you are staying overnight as the wines in Paso Robles can pack a punch!  Suggestions of wineries or types of wines are taken into consideration with input from all guests. 

A private tour in wine country is the cream of the crop.  These can last for a minimum of three hours or as many as 8. You can talk with a wine country concierge on which wineries to visit or delve more into your taste profile, type of experience, or other specific requests. On a private tour your group gets their very own professional wine tour guide and he/she can help create a very memorable day for your group.      

The Wine Wrangler can help you create the memories you are looking for.  If you are interested give us call and we will create a day just for you.