Wine Tasting while Pregnant?

Wine tasting pregnant
wine tasting while pregnant

Wine tasting while pregnant?  Who does this? You'd think you'd be up for the "BAD MOM AWARD OF THE YEAR".  Of course, I will disclose that I am not a doctor nor am I providing any sort of medical advise. 

True Story:  When I was pregnant with my first, my husband wanted to go and taste wine often.  That want was helped due to the fact that we lived right smack in the middle of Paso Robles wine country.  So, weekend after weekend, I would go as the designated driver.  I  loved seeing the country side and the wineries were always a welcoming sight, but I must admit it was tempting to taste.

One day we were both out at a winery, I was about 8+ months pregnant. So, very noticeably pregnant and feeling a little self conscience hanging out at wineries due to all the media surrounding drinking while pregnant.  

Anyway, were in one of our favorite wineries, Pesenti. My husband said "Oh, this is soo good, you've got to try this wine".  "yeah, right", I said.

At the time, there were two other gentlemen in the winery with us.  One of them turned to me and asked "how far along are you?"  I told him and he said, "well we are both doctors and to be honest, a little wine could be beneficial." He continued to say that while he would never say so in his office or to any patient for liability purposes, he did believe that there were benefits of having glass wine.   

Some of those benefits (for light drinking) are:

1) Relaxation
Wine can help you relax.  Things can be a bit uncomfortable and relaxing can be a bit challenging at times. So, if you are able to have a few sips and be a bit more comfortable, it's well worth it! 

2) Better Sleep
It can also help you get some much needed sleep. Being able to get some much needed sleep is priceless!

3)  Better Behaved Children?
One study actually found that moderate drinking, may have made for happier moms and made happier children  with less behavioral problems.  And, we could all use that! 
You should always follow the advice from your healthcare professional. I do think that if you have a small glass one day here or there, could be beneficial.  I did and I have two beautiful, well behaved children.