Navigating Paso Robles Wine Country During COVID-19

Wine Wrangler wine tasting COVID-19
 Wine Tasting During Covid-19

Hey Folks, we know you are ready to go venture out in the wild blue yonder and what better a place than Paso Robles Wine Country.  Paso Robles wineries have always created a warm and welcoming vibe to outsiders into their tasting rooms.  While many still do that, times have changed along with the rules. 

 Here are the top 4 Rules to know Before you go Wine Tasting During COVID-19

1)  Booking your Stay - Now or Later

Book your vacation now for a "Go-with-the-Flow" attitude or 1-2 months in advance if you have "Must-have Wineries" on your list.  Most people just want to go out and enjoy some fresh air and Paso Robles has a lot of fresh air along with a lot of great wine.  What could be better?  If you do book now, don't expect to get into the wineries that you've been hearing "all about" lately.  The ones that have kept up with the big budget marketing plans or the ones that have just recently scored high on a wine magazines list.  Fear not though, you can find great wines everywhere. Paso Robles is full of them.  Besides a little adventure does the soul good and in my opinion often delivers the best memories.

2)  Masks

Although rules keep changing, at this time, the wineries are requiring masks to walk in or walk through to their restrooms.  However, the masks do no need to be worn while you are seated and tasting. 

3)  Reservations

All wineries are currently requiring reservations.  Even for an experienced wine country planner, this poses additional problems.  How long will each winery take, what if I miss my appointment, etc.  Scheduling wineries requires a lot of time and attention to detail, knowledge of the distance between wineries, how long it takes to taste depending on group size, etc.  It can be done but can also be very cumbersome.  Take a deep breathe, maybe pour yourself a glass a wine, pull up google maps and start typing away.  

4)   All Tastings are Outside

Yep, you read correctly.  Wineries are not currently allowed to conduct tastings indoors at the moment.  Wineries have made all sorts of changes and upgrades to be able to host you outdoors.  Many have picnic tables, pergolas, water misters to keep you cool, and plenty of outdoor furniture.  So, get ready to enjoy the great outdoors. That's why your here anyway, right, or was it the wine? 

If you'd like a carefree day, consider booking a private tour with the Wine Wrangler. We make it easy, make all the arrangements and get you to your appointments on time.