What to Bring on a Wine Tasting Tour

What to bring on a Wine Tour

Paso Robles wine country has always been a bit laid back. Even now, with billionaire owners and over 250 tasting rooms, the area for the most, is pretty down to earth. If your a bit con-fuddled about what you should bring when touring, never fear, we can help you out.  

Here are 5 things we think you should definitely bring:

1)  Comfortable clothing:  Let's face it, traveling in tight clothes, dresses, and hi-heels is no fun.  We are all about great wine and fun here in Paso Robles. So leave the work clothes or the high-end club clothing behind.  We will be in some beautiful tasting rooms, but we may also be trekking thru a vineyard or two.

2)  Hat, Sunglasses, and Sunscreen:  Don't forget that it's usually sunny and hot here in California wine country. Sunscreen and sunglasses are a must and a hat might help if we decide to have lunch in and amongst  the vines or sitting out on a cozy patio overlooking the vineyards.

3)  Camera:  Do we need to say more? You'll want to bring a camera or at least your phone camera.  Some of the best shots and memories are taken here in Paso Robles Wine Country.  

4)  Great attitude:  Comfort, style, picture and a great attitude.  It helps to gear yourself up for a great happy day by eating a protein rich breakfast prior to touring and be eager and willing to meet and interact with your tour guide, tasting room attendants and fellow wine drinkers.  We love questions. So come filled with them and ask away! 

5)  Willingness to try new things:  You may hear people talk about how "diverse" Paso Robles Wine Region is, well Paso has over 60 varieties of grapes and therefore makes numerous different blends as well as single varietal wines. When visiting Paso Robles, it helps to come with an adventurous mind and possibly try some varietals that you have never heard of before.  Here are 7 wines to be on the lookout for.

We hope when booking your trip to Paso Robles Wine Country, you think of The Wine Wrangler for your touring experience. 

Let's Go Rustle up Some Wine!